In 1997 I went to my first ever local gig with camera in hand and loved it. I thought I was awesome and kept on going. Looking back they were bloody awful and I like to think I’ve improved dramatically (please don’t tell me otherwise), even if half my photos look like musicians have been set on fire or suffer from narcolepsy.

I started out taking photos for Bubblehead then stopped when I went to study Events Management and got back into shooting gigs in 2010. In 2014 I became photo-girl for the Breaking Punk shows and started taking photos for Desert Highways. As of this month I now take photos for Wall of Sound as well.

I am also available for band promo sessions which include sarcasm, me laughing at you, me asking you to stop glaring at me and possible height jokes.

When I’m not shooting bands I have also photographed burlesque shows and zombie walks.

I can be hired for event coverage of gigs/album launches/whatever with prices starting at $150. I’m also super happy to go be a tour photographer if you pay for my flights. I’m small, I can fit in economy just fine! I also don’t need food. Or a bed really, because insomnia. Look at the savings!!

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